Smart Health

The Health Campus Bochum agency supports the use of modern methods such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning.

Better digital supply

The goal is to provide more efficient healthcare for patients. There is particularly high potential in the collection, evaluation, and use of health data.

Data is the key to successful and future-oriented development in the health field. The merging of data-driven diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with care processes creates additional added value at the location. Bochum features numerous excellent business activities in medical IT. By bundling expertise and technology transfer, the health care destination Bochum is developing a pioneering position.

The digital healthcare market is growing steadily. The field of Smart Health Data, i.e. the intelligent use of health data, is characterised at the Bochum location and the Ruhr region by a large number of players involved and a high development potential for the medicine of the future. Due to the increasing digitalisation of the healthcare system, large amounts of patient data, but also data related to logistics (e.g. medication tracking) or organisation (e.g. duty roster data) are collected and are available with appropriately structured provision of modern data analysis methods and artificial intelligence applications.

These technologies have the potential to customise medicine, optimise processes, and thereby improve care. At the Bochum location, the various sectors of business, science, and health care work hand in hand and are already developing products and services (partly in cooperation) to provide improved and safer health.