Centres for the future

Young, successful companies - many of which spin-offs from the university environment - shape the image of Bochum as a health care destination. We want more of this.

Making research marketable  

The Bio-Medicine Centre Bochum (BMC), which opened in 2009 on the campus of Ruhr University Bochum, offers around 5,200 square metres of office and laboratory space to young companies in the life sciences and health industry to develop, manufacture, and launch new products, technologies, and services. Those who settle in the BMC are ready to turn research results from the university and the surrounding clinics and colleges into marketable products or technologies.

On five floors, the BMC offers flexibly and modern offices, laboratories, and workshop spaces between 15 and 50 square metres. Most of the laboratory rooms have standard laboratory equipment (S1 standard). It is possible to upgrade to clean rooms and laboratories with higher safety standards.

The BMC provides specific equipment (laboratory equipment, machine tools) that can be rented by resident companies. Smaller conference rooms are available for seminars and workshops.

Attractive rooms that grow with you 

The Technology Centre Ruhr (TCR) is adjacent to the medical faculty of Ruhr University Bochum. It provides about 18,000 square metres of office, laboratory, and workshop space. Currently, the TCR houses 60 companies from various industries.

It offers a flexible range of space - geared to the needs of growing, young companies. Individual adaptations are possible. Attractive meeting rooms for conferences, training, or product presentations are available. Ancillary services and catering are provided upon request.

Each floor of the TCR covers 2,000 square metres. Three staircases quarter the floors into areas of 500 square metres each. Additional entrances create self-contained rental areas between 190 and 250 square metres. The smallest rental unit is a 32 square metre office.

Security expertise - from Bochum for the whole world

The Centre for IT Security (CITS) was established in 2003 to house small and medium-sized IT security companies and for training and further education in this field. CITS is located in the Technology Quarter Bochum, in the immediate vicinity of the scientific institutes and facilities of Ruhr University Bochum, which enjoys an outstanding reputation worldwide in IT security, especially through the Horst Görtz Institute for Information Security (HGI).

Since the centre was established, several spin-offs from the scientific institutions of Ruhr University Bochum have already settled and grown there, including Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity GmbH and escrypt GmbH.

The CITS is part of the European Competence Centre for IT Security eurobits, which was founded in Bochum in 1999 for closer integration of science and industry in the field of IT security and is intended to bundle activities under one roof.