IT Security

With the healthcare industry and IT security as growth and innovation drivers, Bochum offers an excellent infrastructure and a special breeding ground for the development of protected digital medical procedures and products.

Secure health care

Due to its excellent network structure, the Health Campus Bochum agency and the professionally competent environment, the health care destination Bochum has an excellent foundation for further development into an "innovation space" Smart Health Data. Bochum sees itself as a reference market for new medical procedures and products. In recent years, the city has become a hotspot for medical IT in development, production, and application.

However, digitalisation and the use of medical IT also increase the risk of IT security or cyber attacks. Critical medical infrastructure is particularly worthy of protection. Bochum's expertise offers the best prerequisites for ensuring this protection:

Bochum is the scientific centre of European IT security research

Parallel to research, an outstanding eco-system has developed in and around Bochum from internationally established IT security companies, start-ups to investors.  Research institutions and many companies have organised themselves in the Bochum eurobits Association.