Urban Health

Urban space influences people's health. Bochum is a testing ground in the application and research field of urban health.

Healthy living in urban areas

The topic of urban health has developed into a broad field of application and research in the health sector. Against this backdrop, health care and its associated health business sectors are also considered to be of central importance for regional and especially urban developments. This development trend is overarching. The described comprehensive understanding of health is to be seen as a cross-sectional task across all fields of action of urban and economic development. The health business and health care are central themes of the future-oriented megatrends in urban development.

Ultimately, it affects all areas of urban life. The work focuses on changing care processes and care systems or the planning of health-oriented spaces as well as the use of different instruments to deal with the issues associated with urban health.

Climate adaptation measures or the development or use of new technologies are only two of the aspects to be considered. For example, Bochum has set out to become a digital health agency. With the planned health kiosk in the Wattenscheid district, citizens will soon be addressed directly on site to answer questions about health, prevention, care, or therapy.

In the heart of the Ruhr region, the largest conurbation in the republic, the development and testing of urban care processes and the use of supporting medical technology and health management systems naturally lend themselves to this. Here, too, Bochum wants to be a testing ground.