Bochum is known for excellent neuroscientific research. Findings can be used in many ways - also for companies in the health industry and for improving diagnosis and therapy.

Optimisation diagnostics and therapy

Neuroscience is gaining ground in many areas of science and business. Our understanding of the structure and function of the brain and nervous system is becoming increasingly differentiated and resulting possible applications for everyday life and especially for diagnostics and therapy are emerging. Due to the diverse methods used, neuroscience is highly interdisciplinary and combines various disciplines such as psychology, medicine, biology, chemistry, computer science, and mathematics. A new challenge is the transfer of the knowledge gained into practical application and economic exploitation.

Excellent basic research has been conducted at Ruhr University Bochum for many years. For example, in the Research Department of Neuroscience, which promotes collaborations and further develops Ruhr University Bochum's outstanding research strength in the field of neuroscience.

There are numerous (research) projects in Bochum that deal with neuroscience issues. In order to further strengthen the exchange with the business community, the exchange format BrainBusiness has been established in recent years, which is organised by the Health Campus Bochum agency in cooperation with MedEcon Ruhr and the Research Department of Neuroscience.