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Cross4Health innovate healthcare


The Cross4Health hackathon will take place in Bochum, Germany, from 07th until 09th December 2018. Cross4Health is looking for motivated teams to provide solutions to specific challenges in healthcare. If you belong to the Aerospace, Energy, Healthcare, Biotechnology or Medical Devices sectors and want to generate innovative ideas, this event is for you! Innovate healthcare is a hackathon and a networking venue. Its goal is to bring bright minds and great ideas together in a stimulating environment. We want people to interact and interchange ideas, thoughts, and wishes and beliefs, for this is the cradle to new to entrepreneurial endeavours.

Ort: Bochum


Innovate Healthcare is a hackathon for innovators passionate about disrupting healthcare with progressive ideas, creative thinking and active doing.

We give you the opportunity to work on a real world challenge which we curate from submissions from individuals and industry partners. You can rely on a strong team of coaches during the event helping your team to create a serious business after the weekend.