Health Campus Bochum

Space for specialists

The Health Campus in Bochum is unique, combining public healthcare administration and research institutions with space for innovative companies in the healthcare sector. Concentrating all of these in one location facilitates close cooperations, knowledge transfer and dynamic innovations – a perfect symbiosis with patients’ needs at heart.

Companies in the healthcare sector have settled here, including the Aesculap Akademie, the Innovation Centre Health (Innovationszentrum Gesundheit) and VISUS Health GmbH. The HealthCampus North Rhine-Westphalia is right next door as well. The whole area has been developed with funding from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Healthcare Campus NRW is being developed in the northern part of the Bochum Health Campus site. This sees the state government sending out another clear signal that North Rhine-Westphalia is going to continue to be a strong state for healthcare for the long term. The Healthcare Campus NRW is anchored locally in Bochum, but its activities are oriented to the whole of the state of NRW.

Within a culture of partnership and joint projects, the Healthcare Campus pays an important contribution to filling any gaps and forming links between care processes and professions as well as between the scientific community, care providers and the healthcare business. In this way it strengthens NRW as it undergoes demographic change as a state with high quality and needs-oriented medical care for all citizens. The establishments which have been set up here include the state healthcare centre Landeszentrum Gesundheit (LZG.NRW), the healthcare university Hochschule für Gesundheit (hsg) and the protein research centre ProDi.

The southern part of the Health Campus Bochum provides around 55,000 m2 of development space to investors and entrepreneurs of the health management sector. This is where companies in the healthcare sector are settling in order to utilize the synergies inherent in this exceptional environment. The site has been developed with funds from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the European Union and forms a significant element in the continuing development of the Health Campus. The sizes of the available plots range from 1,500 up to 10,000 m2. Planning approvals for the entire, fully-developed plot have been obtained. Each of the five development sites is ready to be built on.

According to the binding site plan, the permission to set up business in the BioMedical Science Park Bochum is granted to such corporations,“[…] that deal with the production, research or application of medical/medical-technical products or biochemical/biotechnical products, resp. that are considered to act as wholesalers or service providers in the fields of medicine, medical technologies or bio technologies.“ The site plan allows for three to six-storey buildings. Some areas even allow nine-story constructions. The designated floor area ration of 0.8 enables high levels of site utilization and a high density of buildings.

The area is surrounded by an undulating landscape which drops off towards the Ruhr Valley. The concept of this urban development involves the formation of plateaus that will provide for flat construction areas. This visually appealing way of dealing with the topography of the sites also uses gabions to create formal boundaries between the building plots. The ever-visible greenery that surrounds the plots underlines the park-like nature of this area.