Locational advantages

Bochum is a powerful research location, a hotspot of medical IT, an agglomeration of health economy, doctor’s networks, health service providers, infirmaries – amidst the metropolis Ruhr. Here, the health professions of the future come into existence. Companies and science benefit from excellent networks within the health care landscape. An enormous potential.

Locational advantages

Innovation in the healthcare industry – that is what Bochum stands for. It is situated at the heart of the Ruhr Region, Germany’s largest urban area with a population approaching 5 million, and served by 110 hospitals, 9000 general practitioners and specialist physicians, 1100 nursing homes and mobile care services, and 1,400 pharmacies: a demand potential worth billions for healthcare-related products, technologies and services. It is our aim to make better and more effective use of this huge potential: to strengthen Bochum as a healthcare hub, to develop it and generate additional value creation in a future-oriented market. 

Companies and scientists benefit from the excellent networks linking them to the healthcare sector. With their more than 60,000 students, Bochum’s eight universities ensure there is a constant supply of well-qualified staff. Five technology and founders centres help young companies to enter new markets with well-priced premises in strategically good locations.

The demographic structure of the Metropole Ruhr means the region will face some major challenges in future. New healthcare and nursing concepts are needed to take care of the ageing population. That means that there is a high demand for innovative solutions!

Some outstanding facts and figures of the health region

  • No. 1 with regard to the frequency of participation in clinical studies conducted in Germany
  • Three medical departments at Universities
  • Five Fraunhofer Institutes
  • West German Center for Headache, Essen, uk-essen.de
    (only available in German language)
  • Research institute of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), Bochum ipa-dguv.de
  • Leading position with regard to protein research, new Protein Research Unit Ruhr within Europe (PURE), Bochum
  • Erwin L.Hahn Institute for Magnetic Resonance, Essen hahn-institute.de
  • Specialist Network HIV/AIDS, Bochum, kompetenznetz-hiv.de
    (only available in German language)
  • Center for bowel diseases Ruhr, darmzentrum-ruhr.de
    (only available in German language)
  • Ruhr-Universität Comprehensive Cancer Center krebsimleben.de
    (only available in German language)