More than 100 companies from the medical technology sector headquartered in Bochum are involved in the battle for market shares that is generally won by those coming up with the most innovative concepts, products, and services.

The emphasis of their research- and development projects is, for instance, set on:

  • Medical IT
  • Radiology/Diagnostic imaging
  • Prosthetics
  • Vocational education and training in the health sector

Especially the BioMedicineCentre Bochum and the Technologiezentrum Ruhr (TZR) show a remarkably high number when it comes to the establishment of new start-up companies that act in the fields of health management and medical technology and are in some way associated to the Ruhr-University Bochum or other medical schools in the vicinity.

Large-scale enterprises can find highly advanced development areas covering all requirements for their undertaking in Bochum: such as with the Health Campus Bochum or in the Technology quartier. More information on other building sites and rental properties which are, for instance, located along the Universit├Ątsstra├če can be requested by us.

Companies in Bochum which run their business in the medical technology sector have excellent contacts to the scientific and clinical environment. Also many other companies being part of this sector benefit from this network. The Health Campus Agency Bochum encourages this high willingness for cooperation by organizing regular events and congresses.