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Future prospects in the health sector

The video shows a virtual model of the central development areas for organizations in the health sector of Bochum. The presentation is based on planned and already carried out projects from Mai 2015.

Bochum provides you with the ideal environment for innovations in the health management sector

Due to the high density of excellent educational- and research institutions, as well as the corporate landscape that is home to innovative medium-sized companies, and owing to the university hospital which is, under consideration of the patient figures, the largest one throughout Germany, we are in the position to offer excellent conditions combined with incentives, expertise and numerous fields of application for constantly new products and services.

Figures show, that about one out of six employees works in the healthcare sector. Compared to other major cities of Germany, this fact makes it quite clear, that Bochum ranks far above average.

The highest frequency of corporative actors working in the health management sector can be found in the south-west of Bochum – surrounding the campus of the Ruhr-University Bochum (see image).