Cooperation with strong stakeholders

The Health Campus Agency cooperates with numerous regional partners. Together we want to attract new companies to our location, support spin-offs and develop innovative projects. The close-knit network consisting of all the many different stakeholders in the healthcare sector ensures that companies can quickly find the right partners for their projects and that work can be distributed appropriately.

Our cooperation partners:

IHK Mittleres Ruhrgebiet (Chamber of Commerce and Industry [CCI] Central Ruhr Region)

The Central Ruhr Region offers outstanding development potential for the healthcare sector. With the establishment of the NRW Healthcare Campus in Bochum, both the city and the region have gained in nationwide significance. The CCI Central Ruhr encourages long-term economic activity in the healthcare sector and supports technical knowledge as well as economic value creation as a dynamic centre of growth, using for example sector-related potentials analyses and supraregional location marketing to contribute to the transformation of the Central Ruhr Region into North Rhine-Westphalia’s leading healthcare industry centre.

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Landeszentrum Gesundheit NRW - LZG NRW (Regional Healthcare Centre North Rhine-Westphalia)

The Regional Healthcare Centre North Rhine-Westphalia supports the regional government and municipal authorities in its capacity as a professional coordination centre in all healthcare matters, in particular in the sectors of epidemiology, prevention and health promotion, control of transmissible diseases, hygiene, pharmaceutical drug safety and social pharmacy, health reporting and health-related analyses and as North Rhine-Westphalia’s pharmaceuticals examination body. In addition, the LZG NRW is in charge of substantiating the NRW Healthcare Campus, developing new supply structures and promoting North Rhine-Westphalia’s healthcare industry.

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MedEcon Ruhr

MedEcon Ruhr is the central location of the healthcare sector in the Ruhr Metropolis. 

The city of Bochum and the EGR are among the nearly 90 MedCon Ruhr members from different healthcare segments. MedCon Ruhr focuses on active networking, supports and provides advice for partners in the development of projects and is involved in location marketing, using, for example, specific print media.

MedCon Ruhr’s special consulting expertise is based on its proximity to stakeholders in combination with an analytical approach to value chains and innovations in medical technology.

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University of Applied Sciences for Healthcare Professions

The new Hochschule für Gesundheit (hsg) (University of Applied Sciences for Healthcare Professions) is the only state university in Germany where you can study one of the five subjects of occupational therapy, midwifery, speech and language therapy, nursing therapy and physiotherapy at university level. The students in this department, the department for applied healthcare sciences, complete their course of studies with the state-approved examination required for a professional license as well as a Bachelor or Science degree.


Medical Quality Network Bochum (MedQN) e.V.

Medical expertise and focus on patients through cooperation: these are the principles, core concepts and the unique aspiration of the Medical Quality Network Bochum (MedQN), a network of general practitioners and specialists. With more than 170 general practitioners and specialists from all areas of expertise working in 130 surgeries, it forms Bochum's biggest medical network. Established general practitioners and specialists have created a cooperative structure which allows for extensive medical care at a high-quality level in the outpatient sector. Collaboration with Bochum's clinics is supported by the Board of Chief Physicians and the patients advisory committee for patients.

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Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH (wmr)

The wmr provides regional support for business development to all 53 cities in the Ruhr area. Its mission is to promote the Metropole Ruhr’s business locations on a national and international level as well as to develop and foster the sectors of healthcare, energy, logistics and chemistry. When it comes to location marketing and the acquisition of investors, the wmr cooperates closely with partners from municipalities and sub-regional institutions.

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Landeskrebsregister North Rhine-Westphalia gGmbH (LKR NRW) Regional Cancer Register

The LKR NRW Regional Cancer Register records epidemiological cancer in accordance with section 65c SGB V and section 3 of the Regional Cancer Registration Data Regulation, in other words it registers cancer cases in individuals residing in NRW. It is also responsible for clinical cancer registration, which means collecting data on the occurrence, the progression and the treatment of cancer in individuals who have been treated in NRW or who live/lived in the state. In this context, it is the LKR NRW’s responsibility to ensure the completeness, thoroughness and coverage of cancer registration in NRW.

The LKR NRW is in charge of collecting comprehensive data pertaining to cancer development, cancer occurrences, cancer treatment and the progression of the disease and of processing, evaluating and publishing that data and making it available to cancer research. In addition, LKR NRW organises nationwide and regional quality conferences to contribute to and ensure the quality and further development of oncological care for patients in NRW.

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