Do you have great plans for your business?

Are you an entrepreneur or a business owner – perhaps in the field of medical technology, medical IT or protein diagnostics? Then you are right with us!

Our services for companies

Companies working in the growth industries of medicine, biochemistry, bio-engineering and medical engineering will find ideal conditions for their business in the areas around the Ruhr University of Bochum, where they can tap into an unrivalled network for knowledge transfer and research collaboration. It is at this interface that the Health Campus Agency Bochum plays a valuable role, bringing together companies and institutions from various disciplines to develop new products and projects.

The Health Campus Agency Bochum

  • offers a full service for companies and start-ups (providing concept design advice, partners, networks, financing, flexible premises etc.), 
  • carries out strategic trend scouting to bring global trends together with established local expertise, 
  • initiates and supports value creation projects, 
  • creates a climate of interdisciplinary knowledge transfer with platforms for collaboration, 
  • and puts scientific and healthcare partners with shared interests and goals in touch with one another.
The Health Campus Bochum

Finding your premises

Are you looking for premises in a prime location where everything you need is close at hand?  The Health Campus Agency Bochum will help you to find the right premises to fulfil your requirements, because we know exactly where the most suitable premises are. We find investment partners for the fields of accelerators, laboratories, office spaces and co-working, as well as hotels and training, events and production. For example, the Health Campus Bochum provides the ideal environment for specialist properties to grow and develop. But we have lots of other premises as well. 

Stakeholders in Bochum’s healthcare sector are spread out across the entire city, but the majority of the sector’s scientific and commercial activities take place in the vicinity of the Ruhr University of Bochum in the southeast of the city.

The Health Campus Bochum, the BioMedicineCentre and the Ruhr Technology Centre as well as the Ruhr University of Bochum, Bochum University of Applied Sciences and the Technology Quarter business park are all lined up along the Universitätsstrasse like a string of pearls. From smaller rental units to 10,000 square metre construction plots, the site offers space for healthcare sector companies and institutes of all sizes to settle and grow.

In addition to these key healthcare sites in Bochum, we can also offer you other exciting spaces with a great deal of future potential – and we are continuously developing further spaces as well: for example, at MARK 51°7, the huge site of the former OPEL plant 1. Sounds interesting? Just get in touch with us!