Technology projects

In order to ensure the transition of scientific findings discovered from research teams of the local universities of Bochum into marketable products, the Health Campus Agency Bochum is establishing additional technology transfer platforms in cooperation with other partners.

For this reason, the agency identifies technological trends that come up with potential for product innovations in the healthcare sector, brings together matching partners and implements projects (e.g. establishing PublicPrivatePartnership-Incorporations). Another part of the support services provided by medlands.RUHR includes the project management and acquisition of public funding.

The Health Campus Agency Bochum is always looking for success-promising projects. Do you have any good concept in mind or are you looking for a project partner? Then get in contact with us.

Recent technology projects

zmb.RUHR – Diagnostic methods using ultrasound technologies

Since 2007, Bochum has been expanding its expertise and gathering results of research works with regard to medical screening methods in a medical-technical equipment pool that meets the latest standards – the center for diagnostic imaging Ruhr (zmb.RUHR). The center is used by organizations and research facilities which develop innovative therapeutic and diagnostic methods by means of ultrasound technologies.

zmb.RUHR offers:

  • State-of-the-art ultrasound devices with research interfaces
  • An adjustable laser system for the conduction of photoacoustic experiments
  • High-speed camera with 15 m frames per second
  • Electrical and optical measuring- and testing devices

zmb.RUHR is a joint undertaking of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) and the Entwicklungsgesellschaft Ruhr-Bochum mbH (EGR). It has been funded with support means from the federal state North Rhine-Westphalia and the European Union (EFRE).

SNAP GmbH – Test station for high-tech prostheses

The platform for „Sensor-driven Neuronal Adaptive Prosthetics“ (SNAP) – a test station for high-tech prostheses – opens up new grounds to the medical-technical research carried out by the institutes of Bochum.

The potential of this, so far hardly developed field of prosthetics, is exploited by them to develop marketable products and services for the individualization of prostheses and orthoses used for the lower extremities.

The test station´s core in the BioMedicineCentre Bochum (BMZ) is made up of measurement systems that record the „neuronal fingerprints“ connected to the brain activities in order to make them usable for the control of prostheses.

Shareholders of SNAP GmbH:

  • Entwicklungsgesellschaft Ruhr-Bochum mbH (EGR)
  • Ingenieurgesellschaft für Automatisierung und Rationalisierung mbH (IGA),
  • Dr. Friedrich-Wilhelm Steinweg (Orthopedist from Unna) and
  • Uwe Seidel (CEO)

Other partners include:

  • Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Chair in Machine elements and Design, International Graduate School for Neuroscience),
  • Entwicklungsgesellschaft Ruhr-Bochum mbH (EGR),
  • Fachhochschule Münster (Laboratory for Biomechanics),
  • Dortmunder Initiative zur rechnerintegrierten Fertigung (RIF),
  • carat robotic innovation GmbH (Dortmund) and
  • Company Össur (Iceland).