The Health Campus Agency cooperates with numerous regional partners.

The tight network consisting of all key players in the healthcare sector ensures that companies and institutions are assisted in finding appropriate partners for their projects within shortest time.

Landeszentrum Gesundheit NRW (Center for Health NRW)

Logo LZG
The Center for Health Northrhine-Westphalia as a functional coordination centre, supports the state government and the municipalities in all health-related questions, particulary in the topics of epidemiology, prevention and health promotion, control of communicable diseases, hygiene, pharmaceutical drug safety and social pharmacy, health reporting and health-related analysis as well as the center for pharmaceutic alaysis of the state of NRW. Furthermore, the LZG.NRW is in charge of developing the Healthcare Campus Northrhine-Westphalia, new healthcare structures and the promotion of the healthcare sector in Northrhine-Westphalia.

Together with medlands.RUHR, the LZG.NRW is working on integrationg the Healthcare Campus NRW in the growing healthcare location in Bochum and establish links to private stakeholders.

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MedEcon Ruhr

Logo MedEconRuhrMedEcon Ruhr represents the key player regarding all aspects of health management in the Ruhr metropolis.

medlands.RUHR makes up a part of the MedEcon Ruhr which meanwhile counts almost 90 members from different sectors of health management. MedEcon Ruhr is an active networker that provides assistance and consulting for partners when it comes to questions concerning the development of projects. Besides, the organization conducts location marketing, such as, for instance, by means of specially designed print media.

It´s the proximity to the partners combined with the analytical view on supply-chains and medical-technical innovations that distinguish the exceptional consulting quality of MedEcon Ruhr.

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Medizinisches Qualitätsnetz Bochum (Medical Quality Network Bochum – MedQN)

Logo MedQN
“Medical competence and patient orientation through cooperation”: These are the principles, fundamentals and at the same time the special standard of the general practitioners’ and specialists’ “Medizisches Qualitätsnetz Bochum” (MedQN). It constitutes the biggest doctors’ network in Bochum with over 170 general practitioners and specialists of all disciplines in more than 130 medical practices. Resident practitioners and specialists formed a cooperation structure, which enables a comprehensive health care in the ambulant sector with high quality. The cooperation is supported by a chief physicians advisory board and a patients advisory board.

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Wirtschaftsförderung metropoleruhr (regional economic development agency – wmr)

Logo wmrThe wmr represents the regional business development agency and the point of contact for the 53 cities that are home to the Ruhr metropolis. One of their main tasks involves the marketing of the business location Ruhr metropolis on both, national and international level, as well as to foster the development and establishment of special departments such as health management, energy, logistics, and chemistry. In order to implement the location marketing and investor acquisition, wmr has entered into a close cooperation with the partners of the local municipalities and semi-regional institutions.

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