B.Braun opens Aesculap Academy in Bochum

At the beginning of June, Health Minster Barbara Steffens, Lord Mayor Dr. Ottilie Scholz, Prof. Dr. Heinz-Walter Große, CEO at B. Braun Melsungen AG and Prof. Dr. Hanns-Peter Knaebel, CEO at Aesculap AG joined forces to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of the 10 million Euro new Aesculap Academy building in the BioMedical Science Park Bochum.

More than 140 esteemed guests from the worlds of politics, business and science had come together to be the first to see the new training centre. The foundation stone for the new Bochum branch of the medical Training and Education Centre had been laid in May 2012 when the first construction phase began. Now the first construction stage has been completed according to plans by Günter Hermann Architects from Stuttgart. The approximately 2,500 m² spread over two floors are now home to workshop and seminar rooms, an exhibition and advisory centre as well as office and technology spaces. The “Expertisium” also provides visitors with information about the topic of medical knowledge transfer.

At the ceremony, Health Minister Barbara Steffens expressed her delight about the opening of the third branch of the Aesculap Academy in Germany. “What we see being created here is certainly an important contribution towards mastering the challenges of structural change. The healthcare sector cannot compensate for the changes on their own but the Aesculap Academy is setting a clear and significant signal for the future of this region and will strengthen this healthcare location even more”, the Health Minister emphasized.

In his opening speech, Prof. Dr. Große, CEO at B.Braun Melsungen AG, highlighted the impressive bundling of expertise in the BioMedical Science Park Bochum: “Together with the Aesculap Academy’s new location in Bochum, the company B.Braun would like to be part  of creating an organic interface linking science and education. In collaboration with the clinics, the universities, and associations in the region and last but not least with our neighbouring stakeholders, we are determined to play our part in contributing towards the efficient and sustainable passing on and application of knowledge in different fields of medicine”. In addition to their locations in Tuttlingen and Berlin, in future this worldwide healthcare provider’s philosophy of “sharing expertise” will also be applied in Bochum. “We are in constant dialogue with doctors, carers and patients in order to even better understand their needs and to make their lives and medical care easier – also using our products,” Dr. Große continued. “Ever since Carl Braun and Dr. Franz Kuhn developed catgut in the year 1908, medical progress and knowledge sharing has been part of B. Braun’s tradition. Today, B. Braun invests 200 million Euros a year in developing their products”.

Dr. Ottilie Scholz, Lord Mayor of the City of Bochum, emphasized how important commitment from industry is: “Aesculap Academy’s decision to come to Bochum is a great success and also affirms the many years of work we have put into developing Bochum as a leading knowledge and healthcare location.” Dr. Scholz wished the Aesculap Academy team a good start and added: “Locating the Aesculap Academy here is another milestone in the dynamic growth of the Healthcare Campus in Bochum, which is now being filled with even more life. I am sure that this development will awaken further interest among other members of this sector”.

The new Aesculap Academy building just before the ceremony began

Prof. Dr. Knaebel expressed how significant prevention is for patients, users and hospitals alike: “Avoiding so-called human errors in medicine is often compared to training airplane pilots, particularly when we think about simulations in flight simulators. A fundamental component of the workshop courses here involves simulating operating methods in the skills labs – in this way both young and experienced medical and care staff can use medicines and virtual reality trainers to learn about operating techniques without any distractions and thus improve their operating skills. The learning curve has definitely been moved to the time before the participants’ real work begins in the operating theatre.” The curriculum for the second half year 2013, of which this is a part, is just beginning and by the end of the year will include around 30 different courses. “We hope many participants will come to Bochum to enhance their knowledge because the added value gained through knowledge has practically overtaken more conventional factors of production such as capital, work and property”, Prof. Dr. Knaebel continued.

After successfully integrating this location in the overall landscape, the second construction phase for the Aesculap Academy Bochum will begin. The second module will be directly linked to the first building and, in addition to more workshop and seminar rooms, includes a lecture theatre with seating for 126 people. 6.5 million Euros have been earmarked for this.

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