Second Franziskus Stiftung hospital logistics centre opened

Pharmaceuticals, medical products, sterilization centre:
“mOc II” in Bochum serves clinics in the Ruhr Region and Rhineland

Around 120 guests took part in the opening ceremony. The “mOc II” in Bochum serves clinics in the Ruhr Region and Rhineland with medicines and hospital supplies. The central sterilization service processes surgical instruments.

The St. Franziskus-Stiftung Münster, one of the largest church hospital groups in Germany, has officially opened its second hospital logistics centre. Around 120 visitors came to the opening ceremony for the new “medicalORDERcenter II” (mOc II) on the former Nokia site. “The model which has become reality here is a true trendsetter, as it relieves the pressure logistics processes place on hospitals enabling them to concentrate on their core competences of medical care”, Dr. Klaus Giedereis, Chairman of the Board of the Franziskus-Stiftung, emphasized in his opening speech. About ten years ago the first mOc was set up in Ahlen in the Münsterland – the very first of its kind in Germany or abroad. This has been running successfully at full capacity for quite a long time now, so the time is definitely right for setting up mOc II.

The Bochum centre now supplies hospitals and other healthcare institutions in the Ruhr Region and Rhineland with medicines and other hospital products. A central sterilization service also cleans and sterilizes examination and surgical instruments for the associated clinics. In addition to the Franziskus Stiftung clinics, customers include external clinics, such as confessional hospitals in Essen and Gelsenkirchen as well as the Düsseldorf clinics in the Sana Kliniken AG group. “The services which the mOc delivers are a great benefit for hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, rehab centres and senior citizen care centres”, Dr. Godereis explains.

“We are proud to be playing a role in the mOc II”, stressed Dr. Hugo Fiege for the Fiege Logistics Group. It was in cooperation with the Franziskus Stiftung that the group first started out in healthcare logistics with the Franziskus Stiftung’s and Fiege Group’s core competences complementing each other perfectly. “What is more, healthcare logistics is going to develop even further in the years to come and we are keen to maintain long-lasting partnerships”, said Dr. Hugo Fiege. The fact that the Fiege Logistics Group is a family run company is yet another plus point here.

Bochum Mayor Erika Stahl highlighted mOc II’s contribution to structural change in the city. She explained that Bochum is one of the largest hospital locations in Germany and described the city’s excellent infrastructure and the opportunities for collaborations with universities. “Bochum is putting its trust in the healthcare industry and the Franziskus Stiftung is putting its trust in Bochum”, the mayor pointed out.


The mOc’s motto – “Centralizing goods logistics – decentralizing product know-how” – is an apt description for their successful concept, as the Centre Manager and Head Pharmacist, Georg Rosenbaum emphasized. The triad of hospital pharmacy, central sterilization services and goods management has proven to be successful. Well-functioning logistics, as provided by the Fiege Group, plays a key role too.

Alois Beulting, Managing Director of the facility management company FAC’T which was responsible for converting the former mobile phone assembly hall to meet the mOc’s requirements, highlighted how smoothly the conversion has been implemented and the good relationship with the authorities. Michael Geutler from the Münchener Medizin-Mechanik GmbH (MMM-Group), manufacturer of the sterilization equipment, also praised the spirit of trust and partnership in this project. In the subsequent lecture Dr. Ing. Sebastian Wibbeling, from the Fraunhofer Institute of Material Flow and Logistics in Dortmund, analysed developments and prospects for hospital logistics. Visitors then had the opportunity to take part in guided tours of the mOc II.

The ceremony had begun on a spiritual note with a blessing for the building by Father Heribert Leibold, spiritual counsellor in the Franziskus Stiftung. “This establishment’s task is to improve the quality of life for ill and needy people, and this is certainly worthy of a blessing”, the Capuchin monk explained.

The medicalORDERcenter II, Bochum

The hospital logistics and services centre mOc II is a subsidiary of the Franziskus Stiftung, one of the largest confessional hospital groups in Germany. The Stiftung runs the centre together with the Fiege Logistics Group. The mOc II supplies hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, rehab centres and senior citizens care centres in the Ruhr Region and the Lower Rhineland with the hospital pharmacy medicalORDERpharma, the wholesaler medicalORDERservices GmbH, the central sterilization centre medicalORDERinstruments GmbH and the logistics company medicalORDERlogistics. 6.5 million Euros has been invested in total, of which 4.5 million was for the sterilization centre, 1.2 million for the central pharmacy and 0.8 million for the warehousing area. Around 100 staff are employed at the mOc II, 60 of whom are in the central sterilization unit, 25 in the central pharmacy and 15 in the logistics sector.

The Franziskus Stiftung

The St. Franziskus-Stiftung Münster is a group of hospitals based in Münster and was founded by the Franciscan order of Münster St. Mauritz. The group includes 15 catholic hospitals in the Münsterland, the Lower Rhineland, the Ruhr Region and in Bremen. Institutions for disabled people, senior citizens and rehabilitation are also run by the trust. Over 10,000 people work in their institutions looking after around 480,000 patients and residents each year. Turnover amounts to more than 600 million Euros. The Franziskus Stiftung is one of the largest confessional hospital groups in Germany.

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