Healthcare Campus taking shape

U35 to become Campus Line

The first construction site at the BioMedical Science Park is approaching completion, whilst the Healthcare Campus is finally becoming a reality at other locations too: the U35 underground line has been given the official title “Campus Line”.

Carrying some 85,000 passengers every day, the U35 is the busiest line in the Bochum public transport network. It provides a fast and convenient connection between the towns of Bochum and Herne, and links the universities concentrated along the line, i.e. the Ruhr University, Bochum University of Applied Sciences, the University of Health Sciences, and the Georg Agricola University of Applied Sciences, to the local public transport system.

Foto: André Grabowski / Stadt Bochum, Presseamt
Photo: André Grabowski / Stadt Bochum, Presseamt

Furthermore, the Healthcare Campus NRW, currently under construction and also in close proximity to the Ruhr University, represents a project unique to Germany. It is dependent on good local transport connections since these are a major factor influencing the settlement of companies. To emphasise the significance of the local transport connection for Bochum and Herne, the councils of the two towns opted to extend the line’s name to “U35 Campus Line”.

On 14.06.2011 the line’s new name was officially inaugurated on the platform of the Rathaus Nord underground station by Bochum’s Lord Mayor, Dr. Ottilie Scholz, and the Lord Mayor of Herne, Horst Schiereck, together with representatives of the universities.

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