Cabinet gives the go-ahead for Healthcare Campus NRW

The NRW State Cabinet is upholding the decision to set up the Healthcare Campus North Rhine-Westphalia. With this resolution of 28 September 2010 the State Government confirmed the previous government’s decision of 17 June 2008.
Linking up healthcare policy with science, research and teaching on the one hand and economic development on the other, is a sensible, trendsetting concept, states Health Minister Barbara Steffens. However a few improvements have to be made to ensure continuing development and to turn the Healthcare Campus into a really visible signal for progress and rethinking, Steffens announced.

The Cancer Register NRW as well as the State Institute for Health and Employment (LIGA) will be moving to the Healthcare Campus NRW in Bochum. LIGA’s move will be according to socially compatible principles and probably take place at the end of 2013/beginning of 2014.

“Today’s Cabinet decision shows that we stand for reliability and continuity when it comes to important questions regarding the future and that we are sticking to the agreements made by the previous government. This is an important signal for all the stakeholders”, said Minister of Economics Svenja Schulze after the Cabinet meeting.

“Now that the heart of the Healthcare Campus, the University for Healthcare has got off to a successful start this month, the signals have been set for the new and successful development of the Healthcare Campus in Bochum”, Schulze declares.

The Healthcare Campus NRW will bundle the core healthcare competences already existing in the state and orient them towards the most significant issues. With the Healthcare Campus NRW’s comprehensive approach, a working, teaching and research network for the healthcare sector is being created right in the middle of the Ruhr Region.

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