BioMedical Park Bochum: companies interested in setting up here invited to Town Hall

At the invitation of Lord Mayor Dr. Ottilie Scholz, representatives of ten healthcare sector companies who are considering settling in the BioMedical Science Park Bochum were provided with information about the prospects and chances at the healthcare location of Bochum in a meeting at Bochum Town Hall on 1 September 2010.

The guests had the urban planning concepts relating to the Healthcare Campus NRW and the BioMedical Science Park explained to them and illustrated using a model of the overall area. City Director Paul Aschenbrenner and PD Dr. Andreas Meyer-Falcke, the Head of the Strategy Centre Healthcare NRW and the Dean of the Ruhr University Prof. Dr. Ulf Eysel, emphasised the possible synergies that can be achieved between the future Healthcare Campus NRW, the Ruhr University and companies in the BioMedical Park.

Johannes Peuling, the head of the project group medlands.RUHR was very satisfied with the results of the discussions. “We have been able to explain the current planning status for implementing this major project”, Peuling says. The event showed that the companies have a real interest in the project.

Detailed individual talks with the companies which have shown interest are planned to take place over the next few weeks.

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