The Health Campus Agency keeps the press and public continuously informed of progress in projects and construction projects at the health site in Bochum and about activities of our industry players.

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New professors at the hsg

Susanne Guski-Leinwand strengthens interprofessional learning On 2 January 2012, Dr. Susanne Guski-Leinwand began as Professor for Psychology with a focus on consultation and supervision at the University of Applied Science for Healthcare in Bochum. “I am very pleased to welcome Susanne ... mehr »

11. January 2012 in Health Campus


New State Centre for Health North Rhine-Westphalia

Since the beginning of the year, the former Strategy Centre for Health NRW and the “Public Healthcare” division of the former Institute of Health and Work of the State of NRW (LIGA.NRW) have now become the “Landeszentrum Gesundheit Nordrhein-Westfalen“ (LZG.NRW) ... mehr »

3. January 2012 in Health Campus


New mass spectrometer for RUB researchers

Technical reinforcement in the search for innovative antibiotics Scientists at the Ruhr University of Bochum are using cutting edge technology in their search for innovative antibiotics. They have installed a mass spectrometer to investigate the active mechanisms of new substances at ... mehr »

3. January 2012 in

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