Bochum in the Ruhr metropolis

Bochum is characterized by its transformation from being dominated by the coal- and steel industry into a business address that stands out through its diversified modernity. Medium-sized companies constitute the framework of this new Bochum. However, also major concerns such as the German-based BP/Aral, GEA Group and the Deutsche Annington have a voice in the market.

With its approx. 41,000 students at Bochum´s six universities, the number of prospective specialists is continuously rising. Five technology- and start-up centers with affordable rent and strategically convenient locations provide for a facilitated market entry of young entrepreneurs.

The Ruhr metropolis

Corporations acting in the health management sector and domiciled in Bochum can directly access the health metropolis Ruhr – a population of roughly 5,3 million, 130 hospitals, 9,000 GPs and specialists, 1,100 nursing homes and home care providers, as well as 1,400 drugstores yield a demand potential for health-related products, technologies, and services that is worth several multi-billion euro.

The demographic structure of the metropolis Ruhr issues great challenges to the region: Due to its ageing population, the necessity of new nursing- and caring concepts becomes an important matter. Innovations are in demand. Yet, already the Ruhr metropolis presents Germany´s region with the highest retiree population percentage, thus the demand for new solutions is accordingly on the increase.

As new technologies and service concepts are generally met with an overall satisfying market response in the region, there is no better choice than going for the health metropolis Ruhr.

Some outstanding facts and figures of the health region