Technology Centre Ruhr

The Technology Centre Ruhr (TZR) lies adjacent to the medical faculty of the Ruhr-University Bochum. It offers about 18,000 m² space for offices, laboratories, and workshops. Currently the TZR represents the prime address for 60 companies of various sectors.

The TZR provides a flexible space offer – tailored to the requirements of young and growing companies. Individual fittings are possible. Attractive meeting rooms for conferences, seminars or product presentations are included in the offer. Accompanying service and catering are available on request.

Each story of the TZR provides a floor space of 2.000 m². Three staircases separate the stories into sections of 500 m² each.

Additional entrances create self-contained rental units ranging in size from 190 up to 250 m². The smallest rental unit is an office with 32 m² floor space.

Contract period Usually 5 years, minimum duration 1 year
Monthly basic rent
  • Office space: 9,20 €/m²
  • Advance provisioning allowing: 2,70 €/m²
  • Parking spaces: 29,50 € per each
All prices excluding 19 % VAT.

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