New biomedical engineering network focusses on organ perfusion

Innovative technologies for safer organ transport

Organs donated for transplantation almost always need to be transported to their new recipients. This is an extremely difficult and complex task which still leads to the loss of several thousand organs worldwide every year, despite the long waiting lists of people depending on a lifesaving transplant. Among other things, the limitations of the available packaging and organ preservation methods during transport mean that longer transportation times lead to greater damage to the organ. During transportation it is not possible to perfuse organs or monitor their condition. Due to the subsequent risk of loss in organ function the transport time is very limited. A heart, for example, can survive outside of the body for a maximum of six hours.

This led Chip GmbH to launch a nationwide network, the purpose of which is to develop new biomedical engineering products for organ perfusion in order to reduce damage to organs during transportation. With funding from the ZIM central innovation programme for SMBs approved by the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology, the network got started at the Technologiezentrum Ruhr (TZR) at the beginning of September.

The network comprises eleven small and medium-sized businesses and three research facilities from the fields of biomedical engineering, materials science, electrical engineering and design and construction. Partners also include medical institutions specializing in transplantation medicine. The network brings together research and development competencies in biomedical technology and clinical expertise, as well as significant cross-cutting technologies.

Chip GmbH acts as the leader and coordinator of the network. The project is being supervised by network managers Andreas Strauß, Nicole Groth and Dr Bernd Rosenfeld, who have extensive management experience and an excellent knowledge of the sector. The consortium will expand over time through the networking and integration of further stakeholders and welcomes any organizations interested in becoming involved.


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