VISUS PACS and medavis RIS optimize image management for the VISIORAD Group

It all started by using JiveX for an internal group tele-radiology solution based on mobile devices. The successful tests across three locations, high interoperability combined with the seamless integration of JiveX in existing systems made the radiologists hungry for more. So together with their IT services provider PSG, they decided to completely replace their existing PACS at the three locations of Sana Clinic in Pinneberg, the Asklepios West Clinic in Hamburg-Rissen and the Paracelsus Clinic in Henstedt-Ulzburg.

“Initially we focused on including mobile devices such as laptops or tablet PCs in the image management process. We wanted to create a modern working environment for our radiologists which also enabled them to work from home within the network. Our PACS partner up to then could not fulfil these wishes”, Dr. Mark-Steffen Dassel, radiologist and IT managing partner in the VISIORAD group explains the reasons for contacting VISUS. A JiveX Diagnostic Home Workstation test installation, on just three laptops to begin with, then convinced both the radiologists and the IT experts. Stefan Kraus, IT manager at PSG explains: “The system fulfilled all our requirements for performance and integration in the – up to that point – PACS from another manufacturer. We were particularly impressed by the harmonious interaction with the already established RIS from the company medavis.”

Maximum data consistency, minimal administration

VISIORAD and PSG made a quick decision for another test installation, this time with JiveX Advanced Clients at their headquarters in Pinneberg. “Together with our partner medavis we could reveal the enormous advantages a deep integration of PACS in the RIS and the bidirectional communication would provide for the workflow – in particular in satellite structures. The systems interact with each other perfectly leading to better data consistency and to standardization for workflows above and beyond the locations themselves”, explains Martin Klingenberg, Sales Manager North and East Germany at VISUS.

The test installation will now be rolled out for normal operations and by the autumn of this year all three locations will be connected and the approximately 11 terabytes of data will have been migrated. JiveX Advanced Client will then provide the radiologists with functions such as 3D volume display or the image directory, which will refine diagnostic opportunities in their daily work.

“In addition to the diagnostic advantages it is above all the process oriented functions in JiveX combined with the medavis RIS which are of great use for us. Data only has to be administered once now and can then be opened from all other locations immediately. Our personal profiles can also be opened from every workplace, which leads to comparable and constant diagnoses at all the locations which are linked up”, Dr.Mark-Steffen Dassel is pleased to tell us.

This consistency for all levels is made possible by means of a specially set up multi site PACS designed for networked sites, which guarantees standardised archive structures including the central long-term archive and intelligent, fast and secure image distribution. “The indepth RIS integration supports the centralized work even more, as images can be controlled via the diagnosis findings process. All in all we have achieved an extremely high level of automation with VISUS PACS while maintaining the possibility of intervening manually, which has optimized the processes along the diagnosis chain dramatically”, summarises Hossein Sepehr, PSG Managing Director who is always aware of his responsibility to customers when it comes to cost-effectiveness and system quality.

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