Joint ITP and RUB project gets funding

Within the context of a Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology (BMWi) funding program entitled “Central Innovation Programme for SMEs” (ZIM), funding for a period of two years has been awarded to Innovative Tomography Products GmbH (ITP) and the Ruhr University Bochum for their collaboration project “Development of an innovative procedure for marker coating on medicinal products to improve visualization/positioning of MRT-guided minimal invasive treatment applications”.

ITP’s project partner at the Ruhr University Bochum is the Institute for Electrical Engineering and Plasma Technology (AETP) headed by Prof. Awakovicz.

This project is concerned with implementing a procedure, which has already been jointly registered for a patent, for using a plasma process to produce extremely thin ferromagnetic layers on medical products such as catheters, cannules or guide wires to make them visible in MRT (magnetic resonance tomography). The visibility of the products is essential to ensure safety in MRT-based treatments. More information is available at

ITP is a young company based in the BioMedical Science Centre Bochum. They develop and market catheters, instruments and disposable articles used in minimal invasive therapeutic and diagnostic procedures in image-guided medicine. The focus here is on MRT (magnetic resonance tomography).


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