Healthcare Campus: right on schedule

In the year 2009 the state government of North Rhine-Westfalia (NRW) chose Bochum as the location for the future Healthcare Campus NRW. The approximately 11 hectare site of the Healthcare Campus lies between the Ruhr University Bochum’s sports facilities and the BioMedical Science Park Bochum. The land development planning procedure was initiated shortly after the decision had been made in 2009 and a regular working group was immediately set up involving representatives from the City, medlands RUHR, the future users and the State of NRW’s real estate management as the proprietor.

Construction work on the new buildings may now begin on the basis of this development plan. The new buildings are the Healthcare University of Applied Sciences (hsg), the canteen and library buildings, the new European Protein Research Centre (PURE) and a building for institutions belonging to the NRW Health Ministry including the State Centre for Healthcare, which is currently still located across the road in the BioMedical Science Park Bochum. In addition to the core area of the Healthcare Campus, other areas have also been set aside for possible extensions.

The development plan is based on the design by the architects Leon, Wohlhage, Wernik from Berlin who won the design competition held in the year 2010. The key elements of this urban planning design with its campus terrace area, clearly defined compact buildings, the green areas around them and the internal development of the site have all been implemented in the development plan. The public were involved at various stages throughout the procedure which included an open public meeting in June 2010.

Possible buildings at the Healthcare Campus NRW

Finally, on 1 March 2012, the council was able to pass Development Plan 286 d – Healthcare Campus NRW. The City of Bochum then agreed to the building application for the Healthcare University of Applied Sciences in the same month. In advance of this, the site had already been cleared of any damage due to mining subsidence and preparations for developing the campus site had also been carried out. An access road with two roundabouts will connect the two sites of the Healthcare Campus and the BioMedical Science Park with each other. A new tram station for the “Campusline” U35 will also create attractive links to the main railway station and the University Campus.

This all means that the complex legal requirements are running exactly on schedule, something which does not always go without saying. Construction work will begin before the summer so the Healthcare University of Applied Sciences (hsg) can get started for the winter semester 2014 as planned.

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