Sprach-GeBiTe Ruhr association to promote research

TU Dortmund and hsg in collaboration agreement

At the beginning of March 2012, the speech therapy course at the Healthcare University of Applied Sciences (hsg) and the Department of Language and Communication at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences at the Technical University Dortmund (TU) joined together to form the Sprach-GeBiTe Ruhr association. The association aims to develop support for up and coming scientists and to jointly apply for funding from the appropriate bodies.

The association is being headed by the two initiators, Prof. Dr. Ute Ritterfeld. Professor for Language and Communication at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences at the TU Dortmund, and Prof. Dr. Kerstin Bilda, Head of the Speech Therapy course at the hsg.

Bilda tells us: “Our cooperation in the field of speech therapy/logopaedics is unique in Germany. This cooperation between the University of Applied Sciences and the University is essential so we can bundle our research competences and above all so we can educate the next generation of academically qualified specialists in speech therapy/logopaedics. Both of the universities are in a unique position to continue developing the interdisciplinary profile of this subject at a high scientific level.

“The more such establishments network with each other, the more the Ruhr metropolis will gain in visibility as a scientific location. The Sprach-GeBiTe association is a very good example of this”, explains Prof. Dr. Ursula Gather, Principal of the TU Dortmund.

The new association is open for new research partners and aims to contribute towards regional networking as well as to promote the idea of the Healthcare Campus North Rhine-Westphalia”, says hsg President Prof. Dr. Anne Friedrichs. The name of the “Sprach-GeBiTe Ruhr” is an acronym which puts together the first two letters from the three most important areas of speech therapy/logopaedics in the German words for health, education and technology to form the word GeBiTe.

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