SPD party leader Sigmar Gabriel visits Knappschaft-Bahn-See

Integrated care, competition on the health insurance market and the development of minijobs: those were just a few of the topics which the Social Democratic party leader Sigmar Gabriel discussed in the middle of January with Prof. Dr. Karl Friedrich Jakob, alternating CEO of the Knappschaft-Bahn-See (KBS), and the directors of the KBS, Dr. Georg Greve, Ulrich Pott and Rolf Stadié. Gabriel visited the social insurance organisation which is located in Bochum together with the deputy leader of the SPD parliamentary group, Axel Schäfer, who comes from Bochum.

Dr. Georg Greve (l.), First Director of the KBS, received SPD-party leader Sigmar Gabriel (2. from left.) and the deputy leader of the SPD parliamentary group, Axel Schäfer (2. from right), together with the KBS Directors Rolf Stadié (M.) and Ulrich Pott at the KBS headquarters in Bochum.

Prof. Dr. Jakob welcomed the visitors to the discussion session in the headquarters on Pieperstraße. Dr.Georg Greve then provided information about the KBS association system and its medical network. He also spoke on the topic of integrated care. It is important to overcome sector boundaries here and to create holistic treatment processes, Dr. Greve explained. Another discussion point was promoting competition between the health insurance organisations and healthcare providers for statutory health insurance.

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