f.l.t.r: Horst Schiereck, Sonja Leidemann, Barbara Steffens, Dr. Ottilie Scholz, Dr. Dagmar Goch, Helmut Diegel

Together towards a healthy future

Middle Ruhr Region discusses the “economic factor healthcare”

Middle Ruhr Region stakeholders will be working even more closely together in the healthcare sector in future. On 15 September, this was the message emphasised by the leaders of the cities of Bochum, Hattingen, Herne and Witten together with the Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the “Economic factor healthcare in the Middle Ruhr Region” event where they put their signatures to a joint statement. Around 180 participants, including the NRW Health Minister Barbara Steffens, provided information in the Bochum Jahrhunderthaus about supply, technology and innovations in the healthcare sector. Minister Steffens opened the event by presenting the healthcare policy targets for the state government and was impressed by the opportunities the region has to offer: “In the Middle Ruhr Region old industrial traditions are combined with modern economic structures and this also applies to the healthcare system and healthcare economy”, Health Minister Barbara Steffens explained.

The Head of the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies e.V., Birgit Fischer, who comes from Bochum originally

herself, described the chances which regional cooperation will open up for the healthcare sector in the Middle Ruhr Region in future. Dr. Uwe Kremer, Managing Director of MedEconRuhr e.V., then presented the special strengths of these cities on the basis of four key healthcare fields and supplied examples of already existing and planned innovation projects. “Today’s event clearly shows that the provision of healthcare and the health care business are key future topics for our region. We will therefore strengthen our already well-developed cooperation and make consistent use of our location’s potentials”, Bochum’s Lord Mayor Dr. Ottilie Schulz explained on behalf of her colleagues from the neighbouring cities.

f.l.t.r: Helmut Diegel, Dr. Ottilie Scholz, Dr. Dagmar Goch, Birgit Fischer, Barbara Steffens, Horst Schiereck, Sonja Leidemann
f.l.t.r: Helmut Diegel, Dr. Ottilie Scholz, Dr. Dagmar Goch, Birgit Fischer, Barbara Steffens, Horst Schiereck, Sonja Leidemann

Managing Director of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Central Ruhr Region, Helmut Diegel, followed on from this: “By signing this statement we are putting our cooperation on an even more stable footing. Now it is time to roll up our sleeves and to create and implement an action plan for the next few years. And we must make sure that developing and extending the Healthcare Campus continues to be a main focus.”

In a relaxed atmosphere, and with a touch of humour from the Bochum cabaret artist Esther Münch alias cleaning lady Waltraud Ehlert, the event provided the visitors from the worlds of business, research, politics and public administration with interesting food for thought about the future work on healthcare topics.

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