RUB-Physician Brockmeyer appointed to the National AIDS-Council

Prof. Dr. Norbert BrockmeyerProf. Dr. Norbert Brockmeyer, HIV expert at the Dermatology Clinic of the Ruhr University Bochum and spokesman for the German Competence Network HIV/AIDS, has now been appointed to the National Aids Council (NAB) at the Ministry of Health together with 14 other specialists. NAB advises federal government on decisions connected with HIV/AIDs topics and thus has an active impact on the direction health policy can take, whether when working out an action plan for implementing strategies for fighting HIV/AIDS or when carrying out new prevention strategies.

“I see this appointment as an honour, but even more than that I see it as a chance to be part of shaping the political direction for the HIV/AIDS field”, explains Prof. Brockmeyer. “I see both great opportunities and a need for action here in the field of HIV research but also in matters concerning sexually transmitted diseases in general.” Using research instruments such as the patient cohorts and the biomaterial database in the competence network, long term analyses can be carried out, which for example, among other things, provide information about the optimal point in time for starting therapies or for epidemiological studies about the care situation, which are thus also relevant for policy measures and targets.

The NAB is made up of experts from different disciplines. Specialists from the public health service and from advice centres, doctors, scientists, virologists and epidemiologists have been invited to work in the NAB for the next two years. The committee was founded by Rita Süßmuth in 1987 and advises the federal government and in particular the health ministry on political questions on the topic of HIV/AIDS using their scientific expertise and practical experience.

The newly formed AIDS Council at the Federal Health Ministry discussed the latest fields of action in a preliminary coordination meeting. “It is also a personal pleasure for me that Heidrun Nitschke, doctor at the local health authority in Cologne and Ulrike Sonneberg-Schwan, University Clinic Munich, mean two more members from the board of the German STD Society have been appointed to the Council”, says Brockmeyer, who in September 2010 was elected as the president of the German STD Society (Sexually Transmitted Diseases = STD). Now we can work together on promoting the important topic of prevention as part of the political agenda.

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